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Same mission. Same vision. New look!

Christar exists because entire people groups have no access to the transforming love of God. It is our vision to cultivate Christ-honoring transformation in communities where He is yet to be worshiped.

As we witness what God is doing right now to bring people everywhere to a saving knowledge of Himself, we strive to adapt and develop. To reflect this, Christar has adopted a new look.

Centered on the Body of Christ, the four arrows in our logo reflect our other four values: Godliness, People, Effectiveness and Creativity.

As an illustration of our vision and values, our new logo combines four arrows all focusing toward a central point: the Body of Christ. The arrows’ edges radiate outward, symbolizing the transformative role of the Church.

▶ The arrow at the bottom represents godliness. A growing relationship with Christ embodied in worshipful service is the foundation for a healthy believer and a flourishing church.

▶ The arrow on the left represents people, the members of the Body. As it points inward, the arrow’s tips radiate from the center to remind us that God uses people not only to minister within the Church but to communicate His glory to those who aren’t yet in the Body.

▶ The arrow on the right represents creativity. Its unique colour reminds us that God has created and gifted His Church with diverse individuals. Innovative solutions to challenges emerge as we creatively labour together toward Christ-honoring transformation.

▶ The arrow at the top represents effectiveness. Through the Spirit, the Body of Christ seeks to serve the Lord and live out His commands. The tips of the arrow point outward and upward, illustrating a living, growing fruitfulness.

As we move forward with the Body of Christ at the center, we’re trusting God to work through His people to bring more of the least-reached into His Church. By His grace, Christ-honoring transformation will be part of not only our heritage but also the legacy we continue to build for future generations.